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"As a Producer shopping an unscripted show, Lande was indispensable in giving me great advice and ideas.   She led me in the right direction when my direction might have possibly led to a dead end.  She works with you, NOT against you and REALLY knows her stuff.  In TWO consultations I've learned way more than taking one of those so-called "pitching" courses.  She is really one of the best!" -B.O. Host/Voice-over Talent/Producer

We write our own original fiction and non fiction stories. Our content is suitable for all content platforms and we will adjust accordingly. Screenwriting, short stories, blogs, articles--you name it, we'll scribe it!


Film. TV. Print. Web

Want One Scribe Media to produce your next project? We're happy to tackle any pre production and production needs. We're especially good in the field and can bring a skilled crew along. Tell us your budget and we'll make a shoot happen! Post sold separately. 


Film. TV. Web. 


Film. TV. Web. 
This is Lande's forte. Her professional background is based on casting. She will find the next star for your project of any kind. Just check out the awesome casting Lande helped out with here: www.brooklovemovie.com

Lande isn't just good behind the camera. She's very much a personality and has just as much to say as she does writing. If you need a professional, authoritative voice on 
socio-political issues--email us ASAP. 


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